4 Common Wedding Traditions and Their Surprising Origins

4 Common Wedding Traditions and Their Surprising Origins

Weddings are steeped in ancient rituals, religious symbolism, and superstitious beliefs. Many of these rituals once served a believable purpose but now live on as a regular part of the ceremony or reception. Here are four common wedding traditions and their surprising origins that you may want to remember when you’re planning for your big day.

1. Flower Girl

Many wedding ceremonies have a flower girl. The flower girl is typically a young child, often a relative or family friend of the bride, who walks down the aisle and tosses flower petals on the ground. It’s a cute and harmless tradition that dates back to ancient Rome. Young women would carry and toss wheat, which the Romans believed brought prosperity and good fortune to the newlyweds.

2. Something Blue

Many modern wedding traditions adhere to the belief that your outfit must incorporate “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” The blue addition isn’t just there to rhyme with new; it dates back to early Christianity. People saw blue as a color of purity and fidelity and associated the color with the Virgin Mary, who artists frequently depicted wearing blue.

3. Throwing Rice

One common wedding tradition with a surprising origin is one we’ve actually changed in recent years. Throwing rice on newlywed couples was an older tradition. Much like with the wheat from ancient flower girls, rice and other grains were symbols of good fortune. However, many modern weddings see throwing rice as wasteful and harmful to local wildlife. The tradition is still alive, but many weddings replace the rice with biodegradable confetti or bubbles to wish the couple the best of luck.

4. Tying Cans

The idea of taking a bunch of empty cans and tying them to the back of a bumper is an unusual tradition. France used to have a tradition called the charivari. The night before a wedding, friends, neighbors, and family would roam the streets banging pots and pans to chase off evil spirits that wanted to harm the couple. The modern idea is that the tied-up cans clanging together as the couple drives off will keep any evil spirits at bay.

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