3 Accessories That Will Make Your Tuxedo Stand Out

3 Accessories That Will Make Your Tuxedo Stand Out

Wearing a tuxedo is ideal when attending a formal event like a wedding or a quinceañera. However, some events may warrant adding a splash of color to your outfit or some personal flair to make your tuxedo pop. Here are three accessories that will make your tuxedo stand out at any formal occasion.


Studs are simple yet elegant touches that can add color and charm to your outfit. Wear the studs over the buttons of your shirt; they typically look nicer than a standard shirt button. Many studs have silver or gold trim and a sleek center of black, pearl, or other neutral colors. Many people buy studs that match their cufflinks for the event, which completes the ensemble.


Cummerbunds are essential accessories for making your tuxedo stand out when you attend a formal function. The primary function of the cummerbund is to hide the unsightly bunching of the shirt when you tuck it into your slacks. Cummerbunds come in a wide range of colors that allow you to customize your suit to fit the theme or dress code of the event. If you want a formal, finished look, you should wear a cummerbund with your tuxedo.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are small pieces of cloth that go in the breast pocket of your tuxedo jacket. You can fold your pocket square in a few ways that have one or two points sticking out of the pocket. The idea of a pocket square is to provide a dash of color to your outfit. A general rule for pocket squares is to find one that is not the same color as your tie but complements it in color or style.

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