3 Tricks To Keep Your Tuxedo Shirt Tucked In When Dancing

3 Tricks To Keep Your Tuxedo Shirt Tucked In When Dancing

Formal events are the best times for wearing a tuxedo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in formal wear! Many events that call for a tuxedo, like a wedding or a quinceañera, encourage dancing, and you may want to let loose a bit. Unfortunately, all that moving around on the dance floor may cause your shirt to become untucked, which is not only uncomfortable but also unsightly. Here are three tricks to keep your tuxedo shirt tucked in when dancing that can allow you to let loose without ruining your suit for photo opportunities.

Slightly Longer Shirt

It’s important to get your measurements right when fitting a suit. If the arms or shoulders are off, your suit will look awkward. One of the main reasons why shirts become untucked when dancing is because they aren’t long enough, and the movement of the arms winds up pulling it out. One simple solution is to ask your tailor for a slightly longer shirt so you have more to tuck in. This option gives you more material to work with, and it’s less likely to come out while dancing.

Rubber Belt

You don’t traditionally wear a belt with a tuxedo, as it’s much more customary for tuxedos to have a secure fit around the waist or a small brace to hold things in place. If you’re worried about your shirt untucking itself while dancing, you can plan ahead. Wear a small rubber belt under your pants but over your shirt to keep the bottom of your shirt snug and less likely to move.

Under There

This trick to keep your tuxedo shirt tucked in when dancing may not feel like it matches the formal act of wearing a tuxedo. However, tucking your shirt into the band of your undergarments can keep it secure. If you want to take this route, we highly suggest taking extra precautions so that your tuxedo pants are securely above the waistband of your drawers; otherwise, you may have an embarrassing situation on your hands.

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