3 Ways To Make Your Tux Match Her Quinceañera Dress

3 Ways To Make Your Tux Match Her Quinceañera Dress

A young woman’s quinceañera is one of the most monumental occasions in her life. The 15th birthday helps usher a young girl into womanhood and has deep, important ties to her family and heritage. A vital aspect of a woman’s quinceañera is the gown that she chooses to wear. Quinceañera gowns come in many festive styles, colors, and patterns, so it may be challenging to dress accordingly if you’re a chambelan or another part of the occasion. Here are three ways to make your tux match her quinceañera dress without needing to go overboard.

1. Consider the Colors

Without a doubt, colors are one of the best ways you can ensure your tuxedo matches the young lady’s dress! If she’s wearing a bright teal dress, you may consider a jacket and pants of a similar color. Alternatively, you may choose to wear a neutral-colored tuxedo, like black or gray, but have your shirt color match the quinceañera’s dress. Neutral colors work with most styles and concepts, so you can coordinate to find something to complement the dress.

2. Accessorize Wisely

Even with a traditional black tuxedo and white shirt, you can make your tux match her quinceañera dress. Wearing a tie that matches the colors or even the style of the dress can help your outfits work in tandem. Button studs, pocket squares, and even cufflinks can also ensure your tuxedo fits in with the party’s theme and doesn’t look out of place next to the guest of honor.

3. Incorporate Possible Patterns

Depending on the pattern of the quinceañera dress, you may be able to find a tuxedo with some similar flair. If her dress has vertical stripes, you may be able to find a tuxedo that has a similar style. You should always ensure your colors match to some degree, but patterns are equally important to coordinate for a big event like this.

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