4 Important Rules of Tuxedo Etiquette To Remember

4 Important Rules of Tuxedo Etiquette To Remember

Most events that require a tuxedo are formal affairs. Major events like weddings, quinceañeras, and other important ceremonies require you to dress up and look your best. Because these events are so formal, you may want to follow a few key rules to avoid any awkward social situations. Here are four important rules of tuxedo etiquette to remember that may help your night go a bit more smoothly.

1. Wear a Cummerbund or Vest

You want to have a cummerbund or vest beneath your single-breasted tuxedo jacket. Due to how we button a tuxedo jacket, one of these extra accessories will help ensure that the fabric of your shirt isn’t visible between your bottom button and your waistband.

2. Never Wear a Belt

One of the most important rules of tuxedo etiquette to remember is that you should never wear a belt. Most proper tuxedo pants don’t even have belt loops to prevent that from happening. A proper tuxedo should fit without requiring a belt to keep your pants in place. Suspenders are a more acceptable option if you find your pants are a little loose.

3. Pick the Right Pocket Square

While having a pocket square may not be a requirement for wearing a tuxedo, it can help your outfit go from plain to personal. A pocket square adds an extra splash of color and personality to your ensemble and shows your investment in the event. If you’re attending an event with a date, we recommend finding a pocket square that matches their outfit.

4. No Pant Cuffs

Proper tuxedo pants shouldn’t have a cuff at the bottom. Having them will look very peculiar. Most tuxedos feature a satin stripe that glides down the side of the leg and has a straight hem, which is what you should look for.

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