Why the Classic Black Tuxedo Is Still the King

Why the Classic Black Tuxedo Is Still the King

When it comes to dressing up for a formal occasion, many distinct and memorable options exist out there. However, when you think of proper clothing, it’s normal to picture a black tuxedo. Emanuele Tuxedo has lots of distinct formalwear, but we want to look at why the classic black tuxedo is still the king of high-class events today.

Good for Any Occasion

One of the distinct advantages of a black tuxedo is that it works for almost any type of formal event. While you can get a bright white or colorful tuxedo, you may encounter an event where that type of attire doesn’t fit the event’s dress code or theme.

You can wear a black tuxedo at a wedding, quinceañera, gala, or any other event that calls for it. A black tuxedo automatically works within the confines of social mores and creates a look that’s suave and sophisticated and doesn’t seem out of place at any elegant event.

Pairs Well With Other Colors

Another reason why the classic black tuxedo is still the king is because you can pair it with almost any color. Black is such a strong and neutral tone that it works to complement and accentuate virtually any other color.

Many people pair a tuxedo with a classic white shirt to create a monochromatic look. Depending on the event, your black tux may pair well with a bright red cummerbund or a softer pastel color for a springtime soiree.

The versatility of black with almost every other color out there makes it a good choice that you can mix and match with other clothing options.

Easy To Accessorize

Something that can make any formal outfit stand out from the crowd is an accessory. When attending a formal event where you would wear a tuxedo, you want something eye-catching without being too gaudy.

Fortunately, that’s where the black tuxedo works best. People can accessorize a black tuxedo with everything from a nice set of cufflinks to a minimalist white pocket square. Compared to a lot of other suits, it’s easy to find accessories that work with the tuxedo itself instead of trying to upstage it. This process creates a perfectly sophisticated and memorable outfit.

If you have a big formal event coming up, let Emanuele Tuxedo help you out. We offer tuxedo rentals in Chicago and can help you get ready for weddings, proms, quinceañeras, and any other type of formal event. Stop by one of our boutiques or submit your measurements online to get started.

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