Must Know Care Tips for a Rented Tuxedo

A man's upper body wearing a black tuxedo. He is holding a glass of champagne.

When attending a wedding or any other formal event, donning a tuxedo can elevate your appearance. Many choose to rent a tuxedo, which is a practical choice that combines elegance with economy.

However, with renting comes responsibilities. You want to take special care of the suit so that you can return it in good shape. Here are a few must know care tips for a rented tuxedo to make it a more pleasant experience for you and the rental agency.

Handle with Care

From the moment you pick up your tuxedo to the time you return it, mindful handling is key. Ensure that you transport the tuxedo in a garment bag to protect it from dirt and debris. If you’re traveling by car, hang it up rather than folding it to prevent wrinkles. Once at home, find a suitable place to hang it away from direct sunlight or any potential harm.

Watch Out for Stains

One of the must know care tips for a rented tuxedo is to try and avoid stains, but we all know accidents can happen when you’re eating delicious hors d’oeuvres at a reception. Panic is often the first reaction, but it’s advisable to remain calm.

Avoid rubbing the stain, as this can embed it deeper into the fabric. Instead, blotting gently with a clean cloth can be effective for light spills. For more stubborn stains, it’s best to leave them for professional cleaning upon return. Remember, attempting to clean these stains yourself could cause damage, potentially leading to additional charges.

Wrinkle Prevention and Management

Wrinkles can detract from the sleekness of a tuxedo. To prevent this, hang the tuxedo up as soon as possible after wearing it, using a proper hanger that supports the shape of the tuxedo. If you do encounter wrinkles, we recommend using a steamer instead of an iron, since the direct heat from the iron may damage the fabric. If you don’t have a steamer, hanging the tuxedo in the bathroom while taking a hot shower can help ease minor wrinkles.

Proper Return Protocol

Understanding and adhering to the return policy of the rental company is crucial. Inspect the tuxedo for any belongings in the pockets and remove them. Check the condition of the tuxedo once more, ensuring it’s folded or hung as specified by the rental service. Returning the tuxedo on time is a sign of good etiquette and is essential for avoiding late fees.

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