Why You Should Always Wear a Pocket Square

A man in a tuxedo standing in front of a brick wall. In his suit's breast pocket is a bright red pocket square.

A pocket square might seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of wedding attire, but it can make a significant impact. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one getting married, part of the ceremony, or even an attending guest, here’s why you should always wear a pocket square when wearing a suit at a formal event.

Elevate Your Style

Adding a pocket square to your suit or blazer instantly elevates your look. It’s a simple yet powerful way to express your individual style and attention to detail. Many try to showcase their personal flair by wearing a neck or bowtie, but a pocket square can set you apart from the crowd and add an extra dashing touch that people are sure to notice.

Pocket squares come in a range of colors, patterns, and fabrics, so you can personalize your ensemble and find a way to make it unique to your style preferences. This small piece of fabric can transform an ordinary suit into something extraordinary, showcasing your fashion sense and respect for the occasion.

Complement the Wedding Theme

Color is one of the most important design elements at any wedding, and finding a way to make your suit complement that color scheme can go a long way toward making a good impression. You demonstrate thoughtfulness and coordination by choosing a pocket square that matches or complements the wedding’s color palette.

This seemingly small detail can enhance the visual harmony of wedding photos, contributing to a cohesive and polished look among the other folks attending the ceremony. It’s a subtle way to show that you’ve put effort into your appearance, aligning with the event’s formality and significance.

Practical and Functional Benefits

You should always wear a pocket square because they come with additional benefits beyond aesthetics. You can use a pocket square to wipe away a tear during emotional moments, attempt to remove any food drippings on your clean shirt or assist someone else in need.

Having a pocket square ready displays preparedness and consideration, traits that people may appreciate having at an event. Plus, it’s not like a pocket square is difficult to carry around. They don’t require much maintenance, and it’s always a good idea to have one nearby than not.

Ensure you stand out with impeccable style and class when it comes to preparing for a wedding or any formal event. Emanuele Tuxedo offers a wide selection of men’s formal wear rentals, including suits, tuxedos, and a variety of pocket squares to complete your look. Our tailored services provide everything you need for a polished and sophisticated appearance. Visit Emanuele Tuxedo today and let us help you make a lasting impression on your special day.

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Must Know Care Tips for a Rented Tuxedo

A man's upper body wearing a black tuxedo. He is holding a glass of champagne.

When attending a wedding or any other formal event, donning a tuxedo can elevate your appearance. Many choose to rent a tuxedo, which is a practical choice that combines elegance with economy.

However, with renting comes responsibilities. You want to take special care of the suit so that you can return it in good shape. Here are a few must know care tips for a rented tuxedo to make it a more pleasant experience for you and the rental agency.

Handle with Care

From the moment you pick up your tuxedo to the time you return it, mindful handling is key. Ensure that you transport the tuxedo in a garment bag to protect it from dirt and debris. If you’re traveling by car, hang it up rather than folding it to prevent wrinkles. Once at home, find a suitable place to hang it away from direct sunlight or any potential harm.

Watch Out for Stains

One of the must know care tips for a rented tuxedo is to try and avoid stains, but we all know accidents can happen when you’re eating delicious hors d’oeuvres at a reception. Panic is often the first reaction, but it’s advisable to remain calm.

Avoid rubbing the stain, as this can embed it deeper into the fabric. Instead, blotting gently with a clean cloth can be effective for light spills. For more stubborn stains, it’s best to leave them for professional cleaning upon return. Remember, attempting to clean these stains yourself could cause damage, potentially leading to additional charges.

Wrinkle Prevention and Management

Wrinkles can detract from the sleekness of a tuxedo. To prevent this, hang the tuxedo up as soon as possible after wearing it, using a proper hanger that supports the shape of the tuxedo. If you do encounter wrinkles, we recommend using a steamer instead of an iron, since the direct heat from the iron may damage the fabric. If you don’t have a steamer, hanging the tuxedo in the bathroom while taking a hot shower can help ease minor wrinkles.

Proper Return Protocol

Understanding and adhering to the return policy of the rental company is crucial. Inspect the tuxedo for any belongings in the pockets and remove them. Check the condition of the tuxedo once more, ensuring it’s folded or hung as specified by the rental service. Returning the tuxedo on time is a sign of good etiquette and is essential for avoiding late fees.

Ready to look your absolute best for that special day? Emanuele Tuxedo offers an exquisite selection of groom tux rentals that combine elegance, style, and comfort. Don’t just attend an event, make a statement.

Visit Emanuele Tuxedo today to find the perfect tuxedo that will make you shine at your formal event. With our expert guidance and top-quality selection, you’re sure to find a look that not only matches but enhances your personal style. Contact Emanuele Tuxedo and step out in style.

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Why the Classic Black Tuxedo Is Still the King

Why the Classic Black Tuxedo Is Still the King

When it comes to dressing up for a formal occasion, many distinct and memorable options exist out there. However, when you think of proper clothing, it’s normal to picture a black tuxedo. Emanuele Tuxedo has lots of distinct formalwear, but we want to look at why the classic black tuxedo is still the king of high-class events today.

Good for Any Occasion

One of the distinct advantages of a black tuxedo is that it works for almost any type of formal event. While you can get a bright white or colorful tuxedo, you may encounter an event where that type of attire doesn’t fit the event’s dress code or theme.

You can wear a black tuxedo at a wedding, quinceañera, gala, or any other event that calls for it. A black tuxedo automatically works within the confines of social mores and creates a look that’s suave and sophisticated and doesn’t seem out of place at any elegant event.

Pairs Well With Other Colors

Another reason why the classic black tuxedo is still the king is because you can pair it with almost any color. Black is such a strong and neutral tone that it works to complement and accentuate virtually any other color.

Many people pair a tuxedo with a classic white shirt to create a monochromatic look. Depending on the event, your black tux may pair well with a bright red cummerbund or a softer pastel color for a springtime soiree.

The versatility of black with almost every other color out there makes it a good choice that you can mix and match with other clothing options.

Easy To Accessorize

Something that can make any formal outfit stand out from the crowd is an accessory. When attending a formal event where you would wear a tuxedo, you want something eye-catching without being too gaudy.

Fortunately, that’s where the black tuxedo works best. People can accessorize a black tuxedo with everything from a nice set of cufflinks to a minimalist white pocket square. Compared to a lot of other suits, it’s easy to find accessories that work with the tuxedo itself instead of trying to upstage it. This process creates a perfectly sophisticated and memorable outfit.

If you have a big formal event coming up, let Emanuele Tuxedo help you out. We offer tuxedo rentals in Chicago and can help you get ready for weddings, proms, quinceañeras, and any other type of formal event. Stop by one of our boutiques or submit your measurements online to get started.

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4 Hot Quinceañera Trends To Watch For in 2024

4 Hot Quinceañera Trends To Watch For in 2024

Steeped in tradition and cherished by generations, the quinceañera celebration is a quintessential rite of passage for a young woman. With 2024 upon us, there’s a huge wave of new and exciting ideas when it comes to planning this big day. Here are four hot quinceañera trends to watch for in 2024 and consider incorporating into your event!

Ethereal Floral Canopies

Few things exude the romance and charm of a quinceañera quite like an ethereal floral canopy. Picture cascading wisteria, lush ivy, and vibrant roses intricately woven to create a living ceiling, transporting guests to an enchanted garden. This trend highlights the growing desire to bring the beauty of the outdoors in, offering a picturesque and whimsical setting that pairs seamlessly with the classic formality of the event.

Interactive Dessert Stations

Quinceañeras often feature a grand, tiered cake as the centerpiece of the dessert offerings. However, 2024 ushers in a shift toward interactive dessert stations that personalize the sweet experience. Guests will delight in customizing their treats, from crafting their churro sundaes to selecting toppings for themed cupcakes. It is a sweet testament to the celebration’s sole purpose—to revel in the joy of the quinceañera.

Bespoke Dress Split

The iconic quinceañera dress, with its full skirt and intricate detailing, stands as a testament to tradition and grace. A more recent innovation in the 2024 quinceañera scene is the bespoke dress split, which combines two separate yet equally stunning ensembles. The ceremony and the reception each warrant a distinct look—perhaps a demure, classic ball gown for the formalities, and a sleeker, more contemporary number for the festivities that follow. This combination approach celebrates personal style and the fluidity of tradition, ensuring the quinceañera feels and looks her absolute best throughout the evening.

Global Cuisine Showcases

Cultural fusion is on the rise, and quinceañeras are no exception. Tasting stations featuring dishes from around the globe are one hot quinceañera trend to watch for in 2024. These showcases promise to tantalize the taste buds and celebrate diversity and culture in a way that makes the event truly memorable, from sizzling Latin American street food to elegant European pastries.

Elevate your quinceañera celebration with a touch of sophistication and style. At Emanuele Tuxedo, we understand that every detail matters on such a momentous occasion. That’s why we offer an exclusive collection of quinceañera tuxedo rentals in Chicago, designed to complement your celebration’s elegance and theme. Visit us today to find the ideal tuxedo that speaks to your style and adds that finishing touch to the quinceañera of your dreams.

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4 Stylish Wedding Tuxedo Trends Coming in 2024

4 Stylish Wedding Tuxedo Trends Coming in 2024

A big part of planning a wedding is trying to make it a day that’s unforgettable. Wearing the right tuxedo is one of the best ways to make a loud statement on your big day. While the classic black suit is still the go-to, you shouldn’t overlook some of the stylish wedding tuxedo trends coming in 2024. Trying something unique and bold can make a lasting impression and help create memories to last a lifetime!

Embrace the Charm of Velvety Textures

The allure of velvet is timeless, and it emerges as a reigning champion for wedding tuxedos in 2024. Embracing velvet is about more than indulging in its opulent touch; it’s about making an iconic statement. Available in a myriad of colors, velvet tuxedos offer a gorgeous depth and richness that photograph beautifully and create heirloom moments. Imagine walking down the aisle or greeting guests in a garment that’s as visually stunning as it is inviting to the touch.

Bold Patterns Break New Ground

Who says weddings aren’t places for bold outfits? A conventional black and white palette makes room for daring patterns and prints. The emergence of bold new patterns is one stylish wedding tuxedo trend coming in 2024, so expect to see stripes, florals, and even geometric designs! These dynamic patterns cater to anyone wishing to add a splash of fun and personality to their wedding wardrobe while keeping it elegant and sophisticated.

Sustainable Luxury

As society leans into environmentally conscious living, 2024’s tuxedo trends align with these values by embracing sustainable luxury. Discerning wearers will find tuxedos crafted from responsibly sourced materials, proving that sophistication and eco-friendliness can go hand-in-hand. These pieces aren’t just about looking good for one day, but about investing in a garment that you and your new family can cherish for years to come.

Color Outside Traditional Lines

While black tuxedos are synonymous with classic style, many designers expect to see a significant shift toward color throughout the year. Shades that were once deemed unconventional for weddings become the new en vogue. Blues, greens, and even pastels can be the star of your wedding attire, allowing individuals to express themselves uniquely and vibrantly.

Ready to turn heads and stand out at your wedding with the latest tuxedo trends? Emanuele Tuxedo is at the forefront of innovation and style. Stop by one of our boutiques and let our experts help you select a tuxedo that is not just a statement piece, but a reflection of your unique personality and flair when you need a wedding tuxedo rental in Chicago.

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Why a Sharp Tuxedo Is a Must at a Quinceañera

Why a Sharp Tuxedo Is a Must at a Quinceañera

When it comes to attending a quinceañera, one of the most important aspects you need to consider is your attire. For those who plan to wear a suit to this event, there’s nothing quite like wearing a tuxedo to make a statement. Today, we’re looking at why a sharp tuxedo is a must at a quinceañera, covering the cultural significance, practicality, style, and the lasting impression it creates.

Traditions and Cultural Significance

Quinceañeras are intricate celebrations steeped in tradition, marking the coming-of-age for a young girl turning fifteen. Attendees are expected to uphold these cultural customs by dressing impeccably. A formal tuxedo shows respect for the occasion and pays homage to Latin American roots. Given the significance of this event in the life of the girl, it’s important to dress the part and display the level of formality that the occasion demands.

Practicality and Versatility

Another reason why a sharp tuxedo is a must at a quinceañera is that it can provide versatility and flexibility. At a quinceañera, you’ll likely be dancing, eating, and mingling with other guests. The tuxedo’s structure ensures you can be comfortable and at ease while enjoying the festivities. Plus, tuxedos are available in a wide range of styles and colors, so you can find one that matches the overall theme of the event and showcases your personal style.

Style and Aesthetic

Nothing says sophistication and elegance like a tuxedo. It’s a timeless style that will never go out of fashion, making it a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. At a quinceañera, you want to convey both your modern taste and your appreciation of the event’s cultural significance. A nice tuxedo accomplishes exactly that, as it highlights your fashion-savvy sensibilities and fits the grandeur of the occasion. The right tuxedo will make you stand out, ensuring you are the center of attention and admiration.

A Lasting Impression

Lastly, wearing a formal tuxedo at a quinceañera is sure to leave a lasting impression. These events are always memorable, filled with joy, laughter, and tons of photographs. A tuxedo highlights your best features and ensures you look polished and put-together in every picture. Having the right tuxedo helps ensure all eyes are on you without pulling attention away from the woman of honor!

Now that you understand the importance of the right tuxedo at a quinceañera, it’s time to take action! At Emanuele Tuxedo, we offer an extensive range of quinceañera tuxedo rentals that will ensure you look your best on this special day. Our expert team is here to guide you through the process, helping you select the perfect style that complements the occasion. Dressing impressively is not just about looking good but also about showing respect for the cultural significance of the event. Feel free to stop by one of our boutiques or submit your measurements online to get started!

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Fashion Tips for a Black Tie New Year’s Eve Party

Fashion Tips for a Black Tie New Year's Eve Party

As the clock counts down to a new year, what can be more exciting than a black tie New Year’s Eve party? Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to wear. We’ve compiled the ultimate fashion tips for a black tie New Year’s Eve party that will have you ringing in the new year in style. We have you covered with everything from elegant dresses to classic tuxedos!

1. Know the Dress Code

The term “black tie” typically indicates a formal event. For some, a tuxedo is the way to go. A well-fitting black suit, white dress shirt, black bowtie, and pair of elegant black shoes are the basic elements. For others, it may be time to don your most glamorous gown with breathtaking accessories.

2. Embrace the Festivity With Colors and Embellishments

While classic black-and-white attire might be the safest, don’t be afraid to mix it up! For a New Year’s Eve party dress, we recommend jewel tones like emerald green, royal blue, or burgundy to stand out in the crowd. Beading and sequins make dresses more festive, but balance is key. Those wearing a suit jacket may try incorporating a colored pocket square or a subtle patterned tie to showcase their personality.

3. Accessorize With Elegance and Flair

Another important fashion tip for a black tie New Year’s Eve party is to properly accessorize. If you wear a dress, you may want to choose statement jewelry pieces that help complement it in style and color. A dazzling necklace or chandelier earrings will add sparkle and charm to your look. Those wearing a suit may opt for some noteworthy cufflinks and a cummerbund or waistcoat to really bring the most out of their tuxedo.

4. Stay Comfortable To Dance the Night Away

Because of all the celebrating, dancing, and mingling, comfort is essential for a memorable New Year’s Eve. We recommend finding a dress that allows freedom of movement and choosing comfortable and stylish shoes. Those in tuxedos may want to take their jackets and pants to the tailor to ensure they fit appropriately. Investing in quality will not only make you look dapper but will also keep you comfortable throughout the night.

5. Don’t Forget To Layer

December nights can be chilly, so remember to stay warm by pairing your outfit with elegant coats or shawls. You can add sophistication with a faux fur stole or sleek velvet blazer. Or you may want to select a well-tailored overcoat that complements your tuxedo.

Now that you have the ultimate fashion guide for your black tie New Year’s Eve party, it’s time to find the perfect tuxedo. Why not let Emanuele Tuxedo assist you in making a stellar appearance? We have over 40 years of experience in offering the best Chicago tuxedo rental services. We provide you with high-quality, well-fitted tuxedos that’ll have heads turning as you stride into the room. Don’t settle for less; dress to impress with Emanuele Tuxedo!

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Fashion Trends for a Black-Tie Christmas Party

As the holiday season approaches, so do opportunities for people to attend formal holiday events. Glamorous black-tie Christmas parties are becoming increasingly popular, so following the fashion trends to make a fabulous impression at these elegant gatherings is important. In this post, we’ll present some irresistible fashion trends for a black-tie Christmas party that anyone can rock with confidence and style this holiday season.

Velvet Elegance

Look no further than velvet for a lush, cozy texture with timeless sophistication. This trend is perfect for a black tie affair, as it portrays a sense of opulence and richness. You may opt for a floor-length velvet gown or a slim-fit suit jacket in deep shades like burgundy, emerald, or classic black to create a stunning look that will keep you warm and fashionable all evening.

Sparkling Sequins and Metallics

A black-tie Christmas party is the perfect occasion to indulge in some sparkle. Sequined gowns and metallic blazers will catch the light and make you shine like a star among the party guests. Consider incorporating sequin or metallic accents on accessories like clutches, shoes, or jewelry for a more subtle look.

Captivating Color Palette

Experimenting with color is one of the easiest ways to embrace the latest fashion trends for a black-tie Christmas party. While black remains a timeless choice, consider opting for shades of red, green, gold, or silver to infuse your holiday ensemble with a dash of festive spirit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors to create a unique and eye-catching look.

Dramatic Sleeves and Necklines

Make a statement this festive season by choosing a dress or suit with exaggerated sleeves or necklines. Puffed sleeves, off-the-shoulder gowns, and deep V-necklines can add the perfect touch of drama to your holiday attire. Consider a jacket with an asymmetrical closure or a suit embellished with striking lapel designs for a twist on the traditional tuxedo.

Accessorize With Confidence

Complete your black tie Christmas party ensemble with accessories that exude confidence and elegance. Statement jewelry pieces, embellished clutch bags, and stylish shoes will elevate your outfit and showcase your flair. Remember that the right accessories can transform any look, so invest in those that complement your attire while adding a touch of individuality.

As we brace for the winter season, Emanuele Tuxedo is here to ensure you make an unforgettable statement at all your formal events. With our premier bridal tuxedo rental services, you can confidently step into your holiday parties or winter weddings, exuding elegance and style. Our expertly tailored tuxedos, crafted with the finest attention to detail, will have you and your bridal party looking picture-perfect for your special day. Don’t compromise on your fashion statement this winter. Choose Emanuele Tuxedo for a dashing look that leaves a lasting impression. Feel free to stop by one of our boutiques or submit your measurements online through our website to get started!

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