Tips for Becoming the Perfect Chambelan

Tips for Becoming the Perfect Chambelan

The fiesta de quince años, or quinceañera, is a rite of passage in Latin American culture for 15-year-old girls, referred to as quinceañeras. The event is considered one of the most important in a woman’s life, where they experience song and dance in their honor. As the chambelan, making sure you fit the bill can be stressful. After all, the quinceañera is the person who you will celebrate with and escort into womanhood. No one is expecting you to make this decision lightly. To help ease the process, here are a few tips for becoming the perfect chambelan.

Consider Your Relationship With the Quinceañera

You’ll spend most of the event with the quinceañera, so it’s your job to make them as comfortable as possible. Many girls choose their fathers or brothers to be their chambelan. If they can’t make that work, they may choose a close friend, cousin, or uncle. Being chosen is an honor, so don’t take it lightly!

Plan Ahead

As a chambelan, you and the rest of the corte de honor (court of honor) will be responsible for planning the event, including rentals, dinner, dresses, and your quinceañera suit. You will also plan the surprise dance, rent the venue, and help the quinceañera prepare for her special evening by attending the rehearsal.

Make sure to make the event as unproblematic as possible. To make sure things run smoothly, start planning months in advance and make sure everything is taken care of a week prior at the latest. The quinceañera obviously can’t plan all this by herself—she is only 15—but you can get help from her father and other family members. Still, her input is necessary since this is her special day. Don’t leave her out of decisions, but don’t make her do the heavy lifting. That’s your job!

Cover the Expenses

If you’re a chambelan for hire, this point won’t apply to you. Instead of paying out of pocket, the company you work for will pay for any expenses. However, if you’re planning the event, you’re also responsible for paying for it. You can get help from the quinceañera’s father or other family members. Make this a team effort, and your date will appreciate it.

In short, these are just a few tips on how to become the perfect chambelan for your date. The process doesn’t need to be as stressful as you think. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make the quinceañera’s day memorable.

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The Essential Prom Planning Timeline for Guys

The Essential Prom Planning Timeline for Guys

For many students, prom is one of the most highly anticipated events of their high school experience. It’s a night to celebrate, but celebrations often take a good deal of planning. We’ve compiled the essential prom planning timeline for guys to walk you through every step of the process.

Three Months

The Date

Who you go to prom with will determine a lot of your plans. If you go with a few friends, your planning will be simple. But if you take a date, you will have to coordinate timelines, schedules, and color choices for your outfits. As such, you should ask your date to prom sooner rather than later.

The Budget

Before you race off to secure reservations and rentals, you should know how much you can afford to spend on each step. Start discussing expenses with your parents and date. If you need to take on a part-time job to pay for the event, this is the time to do it.

The Transportation

Some people choose to drive themselves to prom. However, if you think you might want to take a limo, keep in mind that limo rentals book out quickly during this time of year. Talk it over with your date and reserve your rental now if you choose to take a limo.

Two Months

The Tickets

This is probably the simplest item on a guy’s prom planning timeline, but it’s one of the easiest to forget. Set yourself a reminder to purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

The Tux

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing your prom tuxedo. Naturally, you have to find a style that suits you and a cut that fits your body type. But you will also need to consider how to coordinate your suit with your date’s outfit.

There are a few ways to navigate making your outfits match. Some people combine a neutral-colored jacket and pants with a brightly colored vest and tie. Others choose a colorful jacket and pants. Be sure to communicate with your date and ask for pictures of their outfit so you can take this information to the tuxedo shop.

One Month

The Corsage

Prom season is a busy time for flower shops. As soon as you know the color of your date’s outfit, you should order their corsage in a matching color.

The Dinner Plans

Restaurants are always busy on Saturday nights, and they’re especially busy on the Saturday of prom. Ask your date whether they want to eat dinner before the dance, then make your reservations as soon as possible.

The Day Before

The Double-Check

This is the time to double-check that you have everything you need to avoid undue stress on prom night. The night before prom, make sure that you have:

  • The corsage (stored in the fridge)
  • Your tuxedo, shoes, and accessories
  • Your prom tickets
  • Your date’s address
  • The correct times and confirmations for your limo and dinner reservations

Planning for prom can be stressful, but with our tuxedo rentals in Chicago, you can be sure you’ll be dressed to the nines for a night you’ll never forget.

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A Guide to Being a Responsible Groomsman

A Guide to Being a Responsible Groomsman

As a groomsman, you have one of the best jobs in the world: helping your friend marry the love of his life. Whether you’re the best man or the last groomsman in the room, you get a front-row seat to one of the best parties your friend can ever throw.

However, just because a wedding is a celebration doesn’t mean there aren’t responsibilities involved, especially as a groomsman. That’s why we’re providing a guide to being a responsible groomsman.

Be Aware of Your Duties

When a groom chooses someone to be a groomsman, there is an unspoken agreement that they will handle certain duties related to the wedding. Knowing them the moment you agree to the role will help ensure you don’t put them off too long. A few of those responsibilities include:

  • Helping the groom pick out the wedding attire
  • Planning the bachelor party
  • Getting a gift for the groom
  • Attending pre-wedding events like the rehearsal dinner
  • Coming up with a speech or toast for the reception
  • Decorating the getaway car

Although these are the traditional groomsmen’s duties, that doesn’t mean it’s where your responsibilities end. Planning a wedding is a big job, and the groom will likely need help. If you’re able, try to offer your help with other wedding planning duties like finding vendors.

Procure Your Own Wedding Outfit

The bride and groom are in charge of deciding what the bridal party wears, but you’re responsible for getting your hands on your clothes for the wedding. There are a few options available for you. If you can afford it or the wedding is more casual, you can simply buy your wedding outfit. But if you don’t think you will wear your outfit again, you can always rent.

Support the Groom

There is a reason a groom picks someone to be their groomsman. It’s because they trust them to take care of their specific duties, yes. But almost more importantly, it’s because they trust them to be a support to them for one of the most significant events in their life.

Even if you can’t help plan the reception or shop for vendors, your emotional support is often just as valuable. Just picking up the phone from time to time to ask them how they’re doing or if they need anything will make you the best groomsman anyone can ask for.

At Emanuele Tuxedo, we know that figuring out how to be a responsible groomsman is important to you. That’s why we have affordable bridal tuxedo rental if you’re living in the Chicagoland area.

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Prom 2022


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Luxor Black Velvet


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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing a Suit

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing a Suit

Our clothing tends to communicate an idea. Wearing jeans and a flannel shirt may reflect a casual, down-to-earth attitude, while wearing bright colors may show a love of fun and adventure. And if there is one ensemble designed to convey an idea, it’s a suit.

But even though a suit should communicate confidence, elegance, or professionalism, that message can become muddied when you wear it incorrectly. To prevent this, keep in mind these common mistakes to avoid when wearing a suit.

Wearing It to the Wrong Occasion

Typically, people are more concerned with not dressing formally enough for a situation. But it’s still possible to dress too formally for an occasion. And that can lead to you feeling embarrassed or even coming across as rude.

While a job interview, a trip to a fancy theater, a funeral, or a wedding are nearly always appropriate times to wear a suit, you should leave it at home for the following situations:

  • A date at a casual venue
  • A dinner party without a formal dress code
  • Most outdoor events
  • Dinner at an informal restaurant

These days, even some traditionally formal events like weddings or church services may potentially have more relaxed dress codes. If you aren’t sure whether this is the right event for a suit, never be afraid to ask.


If you want to appear dressy without dressing too formally for the occasion, try only wearing parts of your suit. For instance, you can wear a suit without a tie or a suit jacket with jeans.

Choosing the Wrong Size

Getting the wrong size is one of the most common mistakes people make when wearing a suit. Wearing a suit that’s too tight or too loose can take away some of its formality.

When you try on the suit, make sure you can fit your hand between the jacket and your chest snuggly. If there’s too much space, it’s too big. If it’s too snug, then the suit is overly tight. The jacket sleeves should allow a quarter of an inch of your shirt to remain visible, and your trousers should end just above your shoes.

Buttoning the Jacket Incorrectly

Buttoning a suit jacket is a deceptively simple part of putting on a suit. There are several etiquette rules for buttoning the jacket and when you should unbutton it. The most common ones are:

  • You should never button the bottom button.
  • If you have a three-button jacket, you should fasten the middle button.
  • If you have a two-button jacket, you should fasten the top button.
  • If you have a three-button suit, buttoning the top button is optional.
  • You should always unbutton your suit jacket when you sit down.

At Emanuele Tuxedo, we want to ensure you communicate the right idea with your clothing. That’s why our Chicago men’s suit rental options feature high-quality suits. And our associates have the expertise to help you wear them correctly.

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The Top Tuxedos and Trends for Chambelanes

The Top Tuxedos and Trends for Chambelanes

Being a chambelan for a friend or relative’s quince is a considerable responsibility. There are dances to learn and your quinceañera to support. On top of that, you have to make sure you look the part by procuring the perfect tux that coordinates with the party’s color scheme and your fellow chambelanes.

This task can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the world of formalwear. But knowing the top tuxedos and trends for chambelanes will help you begin the process of pinning down your quince ensemble.

Patterned Vests or Jackets

When most people think of a tuxedo, the first image that pops into their head is a dashing man dressed in black and white. While this classic look is almost always a win, it isn’t the only way to go about wearing a tuxedo, especially at a high-energy party like a fiesta de quince años.

Wearing colorful suits with a paisley pattern is a great way to add a little fun to your look as a chambelan, especially if you choose a color that matches the quinceañera’s dress. If you want to keep your color pop a little more understated, you can also choose a patterned vest under a simple, black tuxedo jacket.

Bow Ties

Young men have been trading their traditional ties for bow ties years now, and they are still one of the more popular tuxedo trends for chambelanes. Bow ties’ frayed edges give them a more festive air than traditional ties while keeping with that formal air. They also provide you with another opportunity to tie in the party’s color scheme.


Along the lines of blending a more casual, festive look with the formality of a chambelan tuxedo is adding suspenders, especially if you aren’t doing a vest.

When wearing suspenders, you add them over the shirt and under the jacket. For a formal event, professionals typically recommend suspenders that are about one and a half inches wide. However, if the Corte de Honor is going for a more casual look, you can opt for thinner suspenders.

At Emanuele Tuxedo, we know that being a chambelan is a big responsibility. That’s why we provide reliable and affordable quinceañera tuxedo rentals. That way, you can spend less time worrying about your attire and more time focusing on supporting the birthday girl.

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What Are the Groom’s Responsibilities? A Quick Checklist

What Are the Groom’s Responsibilities? A Quick Checklist
You may feel there is a lot on your shoulders as a groom-to-be. With those four little words—”will you marry me”—you’ll agree to take on the life of another human being for better or worse, in sickness and health, until death do you part. So the added pressure of putting together a wedding ceremony can feel like a lot to handle.

But countless grooms have made it through the ordeal of their wedding day, and you can too. It’s just a matter of taking your responsibilities one at a time. What are the groom’s responsibilities? A quick checklist will help you prepare to take them on.

Buying the Wedding Band

The ring is one of the most significant pieces of jewelry you and your spouse will ever own, so you want to do your due diligence in choosing one for your spouse-to-be. Unlike the engagement ring, you can get your partner in on choosing the band. Pay attention to the cut, metal, and carats of the ring and what it looks like with the engagement ring.

Communicating With Your Side of the Family

Whether it’s a small wedding or a large one, trying to get everyone from so many different social circles in one place is one of the biggest challenges of any wedding. The best way to get it done is to divide and conquer with your soon-to-be spouse. You should make it your responsibility to make sure those on your side of the family get an invitation.

Choosing the Groomsmen

Your groomsmen are your partners in crime, so make sure you choose them wisely. Naturally, you’ll want people who are close to you in your circle, but you also want to make sure they’re dependable. Otherwise, you may have groomsmen who are late to the rehearsal and ceremony or unwilling to buy their suits. Also, keep in mind you will need to give them groomsmen gifts.

Deciding on Attire

Speaking of suits, choosing one is also on the list of important groom’s responsibilities. Finding one that fits and matches the aesthetic of your wedding is key. A few aspects to keep in mind when looking for the perfect suit include:

  • Color scheme of the wedding
  • Theme of the wedding
  • Time of year of the wedding
  • Location of the wedding
  • How the suit looks with your partner’s clothes

Since your groomsmen’s suits will match yours, choosing their suits will be part of choosing yours. Having your best man involved will help make this process easier.

Making a Speech

The best man and maid of honor are known for making speeches at the reception, but you will have to say a few words as well. Not to worry—this speech is much shorter than the others; simply say a few heartfelt words thanking everyone for coming and expressing your appreciation for your spouse.

Being a groom is no easy feat. Fortunately, a trip to Emanuele’s Tuxedo’s wedding suit store will help make at least one of your responsibilities much easier.

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3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Your First Suit

3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Your First SuitWhether you’re standing up in a relative’s wedding or going to your first corporate interview, a time comes in every man’s life when he needs his own suit. But choosing a suit at all can be intimidating, let alone your first suit. Knowing a few things to consider when purchasing your first suit will help you make that choice.

The Function

One of the most important things to consider when you buy your first suit is the occasion, as that will determine the suit’s style and color. After all, a suit you wear to your wedding may be different than a suit you wear to your prom.

If you expect to wear your suit regularly—for example, if you work an office job—choose a neutral-colored suit that’s professional and practical. If you only plan to wear it to formal events, you may have a little more freedom to change the color or style.

The Fabric

The function you plan to wear your suit to will also determine the appropriate fabric. Some of the more common suit fabrics include:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Linen

Wool tends to be the standard for men’s suits because it’s breathable, water-resistant, and sturdy. Cotton and linen are suitable for more causal scenarios, and linen especially is best for warm-weather events.

The Fit

Regardless of the occasion or wearing your suit, picking a well-fitted suit is essential. These are a few traits of a well-fitted suit:

  • You can button the jacket properly.
  • With the jacket buttoned, you can still slip your hand between your chest and the jacket’s front.
  • The shoulder pads rest snugly against the shoulders.
  • When you have your arms resting at your side, you can see one-fourth an inch of your shirt sleeve, and the bottom of the jacket reaches your knuckles.
  • The jacket follows the line of your waist.
  • The trousers end just before the top of your shoes.

It takes some experience to develop the intuition to know when a suit fits properly. For your first suit, there’s nothing wrong with enlisting help from the experts.

At Emanuele Tuxedo, our Chicago tuxedo rental and sales associates can walk you through the process to help you choose a suit that’s perfect for you.

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What Is a Chambelan (and What Do They Wear)?

What Is a Chambelan (and What Do They Wear)?

The fiesta de quince años—or a girl’s fifteenth birthday party—has been a staple of Latin American culture for hundreds of years. Even so, misunderstandings about the tradition abound. These misunderstandings can make it difficult to know what to do and what to wear if you’ve been asked to be part of the event as a chambelan.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is a chambelan and what do they wear?” our guide is here to help.

Introduction To the Fiesta de Quince Años

Historically, a girl’s fifteenth birthday has marked their transition to womanhood. To mark this milestone, families have held a celebration called a fiesta de quince años (or the quinceañera, named for the girl being celebrated). The celebration traditionally consists of a mass and a large party comparable to a debutante ball in Western cultures.

While individual traditions vary, the fiesta portion of the quinceañeras often includes events such as:

  • A dance between father and daughter
  • A waltz and other choreographed dances
  • The father of the quinceañera giving his daughter a last doll, marking the end of her childhood
  • A celebratory toast
  • A ceremony where a male relative changes the quinceañera’s flat shoes with a pair of high heels

The Role of the Chambelan

Another important tradition is for the quinceañera to choose a corte de honor (court of honor.) This group of friends is similar to a bride’s wedding party and includes several female friends called damas and male friends called chambelanes. One chambelan has the special privilege of being the chambelan de honor (escort of honor.)

Along with the typical chambelan duties—such as attending rehearsals and taking part in the night’s special dances—this chambelan will be the quinceañera’s personal escort throughout the evening. And since everyone will be looking at the quinceañera, that means the chambelan must look his best, too.

What To Wear as a Chambelan

The fiesta de quince años is a formal event almost like a wedding. So, chameblanes typically wear coordinating tuxedos or other formal wear. Often, they’ll add a detail to their outfit that references the quinceañera’s dress color—like a colorful tie or flower in their lapel.

The chambelan de honor may have an outfit that stands out from the other chambelanes, but it should still be coordinated. A few ways you might do this include

  • Having him wear a vest while the rest of the chambelanes wear dress shirts
  • Adding a special ornament in his lapel
  • Giving him a different colored shirt or tie
  • Having him wear a different shade of the same color as the other chambelanes
  • Switching to a different type of tie

However you decide to dress your corte de honor, at Emanuele Tuxedo, we have a variety of quinceañera tuxedos for chambelanes to help celebrate your fiesta de quince años in style.

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