What’s the Difference Between a Suit and a Tuxedo?

What’s the Difference Between a Suit and a Tuxedo?

Many formal or semi-formal events allow men to throw on a nice suit, but you may want to wear a proper tuxedo for some occasions. We often associate tuxedos with the classiest and most formal affairs, and it’s a good idea to wear one to weddings or other elegant affairs. If you’re ever unsure what to wear, it may help to know the difference between a suit and a tuxedo.

The Main Jacket

When people think about a suit or a tuxedo, their minds often wander to the jacket. A properly tailored jacket is an essential part of any suit and is also the easiest way to tell the difference between a tuxedo and a suit. Traditional suit jackets focus on one primary material, and the jacket lapels are generally the same material as the rest of the coat. Meanwhile, tuxedos traditionally have a sleeker or shinier lapel made of satin or a similar material that gives it the distinctive look of a tuxedo. While certain styles of tuxedos, often white ones, may not adhere to this rule, the style of the lapel is a good place to look.

The Slacks

When looking at the difference between a suit and a tuxedo, the slacks are just as essential to the ensemble as the jacket. Like how a tuxedo jacket typically has lapels made from satin or a similar material, many tuxedo pants will have a distinct fabric stripe running down the outseam. Certain styles of tuxedo pants may also have a satin waistband with no belt loops.

The Shirt Beneath

The shirt you wear beneath your suit says a lot about your outfit. Many tuxedos pair nicely with a pleated button-up shirt. While you do not have to wear a pleated shirt with a tuxedo, it’s generally frowned upon to wear a pleated shirt with a traditional suit. If you have the pleated shirt, pairing it with a tuxedo is a good idea.

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