Tips for Dressing for a Summer Wedding as a Man

Tips for Dressing for a Summer Wedding as a Man

Summer is wedding season. It makes sense with long hours of daylight, warm sunshine, and ample outdoor and indoor venues available. However, dressing for a summer wedding as a man isn’t always as easy as planning the wedding. While the bride can easily choose a light, airy, and comfortable gown, a groom’s formalwear doesn’t always lend itself to the heat. But you don’t have to forgo comfort in the effort to dress for the occasion. Our tips are here to help.

Consider Venue

Even though we associate summer with heat, that doesn’t mean a summer wedding will always be sweltering. This largely depends on the venue. If you’re hosting an indoor wedding at a church or courthouse, you likely won’t have to worry about the heat as much as you would at an outdoor wedding.

Even among outdoor weddings, there may be some temperature differences. A beach wedding will be much warmer than a wedding in the mountains. And a wedding in an open field will be much warmer than one in the forest. The wedding’s location will help you determine just how many layers you want for your ensemble.

Consider Color

Weddings have long been considered a “black tie” event. However, black’s tendency to absorb heat makes it one of the warmest colors you can possibly wear, especially for an outdoor wedding.

Fortunately, black isn’t your only option for a suit or tuxedo.

Light colors tend to reflect heat rather than absorb it, keeping the wearer far cooler. Consider opting for a white or cream-colored suit for your big day.

Consider Fabric

Wool is the traditional tuxedo fabric because it is durable, water resistant, and breathable. But despite these qualities, wool is still generally considered a winter fabric because it is so warm. Because of this, many grooms deciding how to dress for their summer weddings opt for lighter-weight fabrics like linen or cotton.

Consider Style

Every wedding has a different style. For some, the wedding is all about dressing as formally as possible. For others, it’s about wearing whatever is comfortable; this is especially true for outdoor weddings in the middle of summer.

If you’re worried about the heat, consider adjusting your dress code to something more comfortable that accounts for the temperature and wedding venue location.

Whatever your wedding style, Emanuele Tuxedo wants you to look your best for your big day. That’s why our Chicago tuxedo store has been such a popular asset to our community for over forty years.

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