Bow vs. Necktie: Which Is Right for You?

Bow vs. Necktie: Which Is Right for You?

For men attending a formal event, a tie is an essential part of one’s ensemble. Unfortunately, it isn’t always a matter of snatching the first tie from one’s drawer. Different ties add a different element to one’s style and different types of ties may be more acceptable at different types of events.

If you would like to avoid a style or social faux pas, it’s essential to know how to decide between a bow or a necktie. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to decide.

What Are You Wearing?

Some formal attire is more flexible than others when it comes to the type of tie. In most cases, a bow tie is the correct formal choice if you’re wearing a tuxedo, especially one with a pleated shirt. However, if you’re wearing a suit to your event, you can usually decide between a necktie or bow tie. You have the same level of flexibility for wearing a dress shirt and suspenders.

How Formal Is the Event?

The term “black tie” event doesn’t refer to any old tie made out of black fabric. The term is supposed to call to mind a formal tuxedo. In other words, if you are going to a black tie event where you are expected to wear a proper tuxedo, you should be wearing a bow tie.

However, events where all the male guests are supposed to wear tuxedos can be few and far between. A necktie may also be acceptable if a formal event calls for men to wear suits. This includes events such as business conferences or evening weddings. If the event you are attending is considered “semi-formal,” you are free to choose between neckties and bow ties. However, one cannot forgo a tie altogether at these types of events.

What Is Your Style Preference?

This is all well and good if you are going to an event where both ties are acceptable, but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to figure out how to decide whether to wear a bow tie or necktie. Here, it comes down to style preference.

Bow ties tend to be considered “statement pieces” these days. So if you enjoy making a splash at your event, you may prefer to wear a bow tie with a more casual outfit. However, if you want a more understated, professional look, the necktie may be preferable.

The color and pattern of the tie will also determine how much of a statement your tie will make. A brightly colored necktie may be seen as more of a statement than a neutral-colored bow tie. Whether you’re attending a wedding or looking for a quinceanera suit, Emanuele Tuxedo can help you find the perfect tie for your next event.

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