A Guide to Being a Responsible Groomsman

A Guide to Being a Responsible Groomsman

As a groomsman, you have one of the best jobs in the world: helping your friend marry the love of his life. Whether you’re the best man or the last groomsman in the room, you get a front-row seat to one of the best parties your friend can ever throw.

However, just because a wedding is a celebration doesn’t mean there aren’t responsibilities involved, especially as a groomsman. That’s why we’re providing a guide to being a responsible groomsman.

Be Aware of Your Duties

When a groom chooses someone to be a groomsman, there is an unspoken agreement that they will handle certain duties related to the wedding. Knowing them the moment you agree to the role will help ensure you don’t put them off too long. A few of those responsibilities include:

  • Helping the groom pick out the wedding attire
  • Planning the bachelor party
  • Getting a gift for the groom
  • Attending pre-wedding events like the rehearsal dinner
  • Coming up with a speech or toast for the reception
  • Decorating the getaway car

Although these are the traditional groomsmen’s duties, that doesn’t mean it’s where your responsibilities end. Planning a wedding is a big job, and the groom will likely need help. If you’re able, try to offer your help with other wedding planning duties like finding vendors.

Procure Your Own Wedding Outfit

The bride and groom are in charge of deciding what the bridal party wears, but you’re responsible for getting your hands on your clothes for the wedding. There are a few options available for you. If you can afford it or the wedding is more casual, you can simply buy your wedding outfit. But if you don’t think you will wear your outfit again, you can always rent.

Support the Groom

There is a reason a groom picks someone to be their groomsman. It’s because they trust them to take care of their specific duties, yes. But almost more importantly, it’s because they trust them to be a support to them for one of the most significant events in their life.

Even if you can’t help plan the reception or shop for vendors, your emotional support is often just as valuable. Just picking up the phone from time to time to ask them how they’re doing or if they need anything will make you the best groomsman anyone can ask for.

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