3 Things To Ask Your Tailor When Getting Fitted for a Tux

3 Things To Ask Your Tailor When Getting Fitted for a Tux

When preparing for a wedding or other significant event, you may need to visit a specialty shop and get fitted for your rental tuxedo. It may seem straightforward, but it’s a good idea to go into the experience with a few questions, just in case. Here are three things you may want to ask your tailor when getting fitted for a tux.

1. How Far in Advance Do I Need To Make My Rental?

Typically, if you’re getting measurements taken to rent a tuxedo, you may already have a date for when you need it. However, it never hurts to know what type of wait time you might be in for. Tuxedos typically don’t have as much of a queue as dresses, but if you’re getting fitted two weeks before the wedding and there’s a one-month waiting period, things can quickly become tricky.

2. Do You Offer Alterations On-Site?

Even though you’re there to get your measurements, things may change between your fitting and the day you pick up the suit. One thing to ask your tailor when getting fitted for a tux is whether they offer on-site alterations. When you get your tuxedo, we recommend trying it on to see if it’s suitable for your dimensions. By knowing ahead of time if they provide alterations in-store, you may be able to make some quick adjustments if something doesn’t fit right.

3. What Measurements Do You Need?

Having a detailed knowledge of the exact measurements the tailor will be using is beneficial for several reasons. When you understand what the tailor is measuring, it’s easy to ask for personal adjustments, such as asking for the tuxedo to be a little wider in the waist or not as tight in the chest.

Another advantage of knowing what measurements the tailor needs for fitting the suit is relevant if you have wedding guests who are out of town or can’t come into the shop for their own fitting. Out-of-town guests can get their measurements from a shop closer to them and send any necessary information to you to pass on to the shop, where people will pick up their tuxes.

If you’re in the Chicago area and want high-end bridal tuxedo rentals, Emanuele Tuxedo has been providing people with ideal fits and quality suits since 1975. Come visit any of our two locations or submit your measurements through our website to get things started.

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